Annieboos Childcare Center - "Introducing New Beginners in a World of Fun with Learning"
About Us
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Annieboos Daycare is based on the belief  that your child needs are of the utmost importance. Annieboos Daycare is known by many around the Laurel and surrounding areas.  We are located in a quiet and safe community in the Montpelier development in Laurel Maryland. Our job is to focus on your child learning abilities because every child is unique and have different needs. 
Annieboos Childcare Staff Educational Background
 Daycare Provider 
EPCC Approved  
Operation Military Childcare Program Approved (OMCC)
Approved Child Care Scholarships Program    
Maryland Provider (Maryland State Family Child Care Association)
  • Member of Prince George's County Family Child Care Association)
  • CPR/First Aide Certification
  • Medication Certification (Maryland Board of Nursing)
  • CNA Certification (Board of Nursing)
  • SIDS Certification
  • "Keeping Kids Healthy" Certification
  • "Health Issues:  Health and Safety" Certification
  • "Child Development:  Boosting Self- Esteem" Certification
  • "Operating a Family Child Care Program" Certification
  • "Finding Your Starfish: Understanding the Special Needs of 
  • The End of Specialness as Separateness (Ed Feinberg& Brian Phipps)
  • Help for the Child Who Doesn't Communicate (Daralee Gowan Baker)
  • Sensitivity Training, "Using People First Language" (Mary Coster)
The Substitute on Board
  • CPR/ First Aide Certification/AED Program (Automated External Defibrillator)
  • Medication Certification (Maryland Board of Nursing)
  • CNA (Maryland Board of Nursing)
  • DDA Certification (Developmental Disabilities Administration)
  • Behavioral Certification
  • Former Member of HOSA ( Health Organization Students of America)
  • Former Member of LEO Club (Laurel, MD)
  • Former Member of Future Teachers Club (Laurel, MD)
  • Licensed RN
                                                         Hours: Annieboos Childcare Services                                   
Mon - Fri: 6AM - 6PM
Sat: Closed/Inquire within
Sun: Closed/Inquire within
We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best childcare  services. 
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